We discuss the journey of leaders in logistics, the disruptions
being witnessed today and the future of the industry.
The perspectives of all stakeholders of the supply chain are discussed on relevant topics,
from shippers, freight forwarders and carriers to startups, consultants and the government.

Latest Episodes

 January 23,2017

Cargoholic E01

Vamaship, the world’s shipping partner announced the launch of a podcast dedicated to the logistics industry, called ‘Cargoholic - The Ultimate Logistics Podcast’ on September 18, 2017. The first guest on Cargoholic was the Regional CEO of All Cargo Logistics, Ms. Shantha Martin. In the 30 minute episode, Ms. Shantha Martin and the host Mr. Bhavik Chinai discuss the disruptions of logistics and the future of shipping, from commoditization of forwarding to technologies which would transform the supply chain.

 September 23,2017

Cargoholic E02

Cargoholic - The Ultimate Logistics Podcast’ Episode 2 with Capt. Deepak Tiwari - The CEO of MSC India which is one of the world’s largest shipping line. In the this episode, Capt. Deepak Tiwari - shares his insights on the future of shipping!


 March 12,2018

Cargoholic E03

Cargoholic - The Ultimate Logistics Podcast’ Episode 3 with Dr. Zvi Schreiber - CEO of Freightos discussing the future of freight marketplaces and the digital forwarding ecosystem.

 May 14,2018

Cargoholic E04

Cargoholic - The Ultimate Logistics Podcast’ Episode 04 with Patrik Berglund - CEO and Co-Founder of Oslo-based Xeneta, the largest freight rate benchmarking startup globally. Discussing the shipping ecosystem, correct approach to scaling a logistics startup and much more!